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Tips for Using Condoms

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Tips for Using Condoms

Condoms are a form of contraception that, when used correctly and consistently, can greatly reduce the risks associated with sexual intercourse. Not only do they reduce the risk of unintended pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but they can also improve sexual satisfaction. When used correctly, condoms can be a safe and effective form of contraception and provide a barrier against the spread of STIs.

Condoms have been around for centuries, and their various forms have evolved over time. Nowadays, there are many different types and sizes of condoms available, providing the user with ample options for personal preference. To properly maximize the effectiveness of condoms, especially during a sexual encounter, it is important to be aware of the various types of condoms, how to use them correctly, and to practice safe sex by using them correctly and consistently.

Types of Condoms

The two main types of condoms are male condoms and female condoms. Male condoms are worn over an erect penis, while female condoms are worn inside the vagina. The two types can vary in material, shape, texture, color, size, and thickness.

Male condoms are traditionally made from latex, which is designed to be stretchy enough to fit securely over the entire penis. Non-latex condoms, such as polyisoprene, are also available. This material is thinner than latex and is better suited for those with a latex allergy. Male condoms are designed to be “one-size-fits-all,” but there are also special sizes available for those with bigger or smaller penises.

Female condoms are also known as internal condoms, and they are designed to fit inside the vagina. Female condoms are usually made of polyurethane or nitrile, and are often made from synthetic materials such as polyurethane or nitrile. Unlike male condoms, they are available in different sizes and shapes, and can be more comfortable to use. They can also be inserted up to eight hours before intercourse.

Using Condoms Properly

Using condoms correctly and consistently is essential for maximum effectiveness. The following tips should be kept in mind when using condoms:

1. Check the expiration date on the condom package. Old, expired condoms can break more easily during sex.

2. Before use, inspect the condom for any rips, tears, or other damage. If the condom looks damaged, or if it has an unpleasant smell, throw it out.

3. Make sure to use lubricant with a male condom. A water-based lubricant is suitable for both latex and non-latex male condoms as well as for female condoms.

4. Put on the condom before any skin-to-skin contact or oral, vaginal, or anal penetration. If the condom is placed on after sexual contact, it may not be effective in preventing pregnancy or the spread of STIs.

5. Make sure the condom fits the penis correctly. If the condom is too snug or too loose, it can break or slip off.

6. Do not unroll the condom until it is placed over the head of the penis. Unrolling the condom too soon can cause it to break.

7. Make sure to hold the condom at the base of the penis as you withdraw after intercourse. This will prevent a semen spill and keep the condom from slipping off.

8. After use, tie the condom off and throw it in the trash. Do not flush it down the toilet!

Benefits of Using Condoms

Condoms are one of the most effective forms of contraception and the only contraceptive method that also protects against the spread of STIs. When used correctly and consistently, condoms have a 98% success rate for preventing pregnancies, and over 80% for preventing the spread of STIs. Moreover, using a condom can heighten pleasure for both partners, as it creates a barrier that prevents intense contact between skin and adds texture for extra stimulation.

In addition, using a condom can alleviate anxiety before sex, by providing peace of mind for both partners after discussing and consenting to the use of protection. This type of communication often leads to more intimate sexual encounters, as it strengthens the bond between partners and instills trust.


Using condoms is an important part of any sexual encounter, especially when the risk of unintended pregnancy or the spread of STIs is present. There are many types of condoms available to suit all needs and preferences. Moreover, when used correctly and consistently, condoms provide the user with the highest level of protection from pregnancies and STIs. Therefore, it is important to be informed about the different types of condoms, how to properly use them, and to practice safe sex by using condoms correctly and consistently.

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